Garra Rufa Fish

It is getting more and more popular around the world using a special kind of fish that feed on dead skin. The Garra Rufa fish have no teeth and therefore they do not bite and do not hurt, but massage, thus removing the hard shell of skin from your feet and hands. It makes your skin become softer, prettier and healthier. The Garra Rufa fish is successful in finding the nerve endings, which helps in establishing the balance of the nervous system, relax the whole body and the general feeling of well-being.

Garra rufa is called "doctor fish" because of their micro-massage promotes blood circulation and facilitates the regeneration of the skin, as well as health and relaxation. They feed on human skin surface layer and thereby releasing the enzyme ditranol with a regenerative effect on the skin. This behavior is part of the natural instinct of the fish. As dead layer of skin is removed a new layer of skin is smoother and healthier.

Our tanks are cleaned every day, pumps and filters permeate water filter dozens of times in an hour through the UV sterilizer. So that there is no risk of any kind of infection.

Our respect towards Garra Rufa is the value of our company.


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