About us

In 2012 we discovered the Garra rufa and then the Fish Pedicure. Given the potential and benefits of this practice, we decided to use our expertise to start the first Fish Spa in Iceland. We are able to offer this innovative treatment in an environment always sterile and free of any harmful bacterial form. To do this, we have equipment which sterilizes the water continuously, always keeping the environment perfectly healthy.

The Garra rufa are small freshwater fish, very popular and loved all over the world for their delicate micromassages, which makes the skin incredibly soft and smooth in addition to being highly effective anti-stress treatments.

What are the benfits of treatment?

Benefits of Fish Pedicure and manicure are manifold. Firstly, already the simple contact with the Garra Rufa produces a relaxing effect overall, a primordial and rejuvenating harmony with nature, which results in a singular psychological satisfaction, intimate joy that makes us come back unexpectedly, at peace with the world and in balance with ourselves. The fish removes dry skin when they nibble and leave a special enzyme called "Dithranol", which acts quickly on the skin regeneration, favoring rapid revival making the skin much softer and smoother. Moreover, their delicate touches promote blood circulation, freeing up clogged pores.

How does the treatment work?

Once you have sat down at one of our stations, plunge the feet in the location populated by small and cute Garra rufa, that by their action they eat the old skin of the feet, making the delicate micromassages characterized by a pleasant tickle. That‘s why, right from the start, everything inspires harmonious feelings of well-being, relaxation, calmness, which distinguish this treatment, so as to make it a ' unique experience.


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